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EXTROME company

EXTROME is the key of a successful business

We offer high quality services at competitive prices in fashion industry and the best logistic solutions for our clients.


EXTROME SRL, one of the leaders of the fashion industry since 2002, located in Romania, Iasi city. It is involved in designing and manufacturing the latest women’s and men’s fashion, exclusively for international mass retailers, who assign their own private label – their own brand name. Extrome’s established reputation is built on the reliable production of outdoor fashionable clothing and quality outdoor technical clothing for fashion-conscious clients like  jackets, fleece garments, travel-pants, running / cycling, accessories, etc. but also fashionwear – formal and casual. Our international customers require continuous and attractive renewal of their range of technical outdoor clothing with their own private label. Therefore, Extrome encourages innovation and creativity.

Outdoor clothing

Our customers are assured, since 1998 of trendy styles and commercial outfits. Thanks to our hard working and talented team, Extrome it’s able to manufacture very quickly runway trends into commercial products, tailored to your target audience.


Extrome  has built a strong reputation in the international fashion industry by combining a constant output of creative collections of clothing for the active people.

From our inspiring headquarters in Iasi, Extrome  leads as a fashion manufacturer with its own production facilities in Republic of Moldova. Fabrics are and purchased by our office in China.

Our international customers require continuous and attractive renewal of their range of seasonal and fashionable outdoor  clothing with their own private label.


By maintaining this growth and the activities in the various countries under strict control of our headquarters Iasi, we are able to maximize the benefits. Vertical integration of our own production unit and the creative and administrative seat ensures competitive advantages in terms of flexibility, price, short delivery times, quality, reliability and durability.

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